Advent Day Twenty Four: Rush Munro’s


Rush Munro’s Ice Cream is New Zealand’s oldest Ice Cream manufacturer and is now making traditionally, delicious organic flavours. The small Hawke’s Bay based company started producing organic ice cream in October and has been racing to keep up with demand for its new indulgent ice cream. Rush Munro’s Owner John Bostock who is also New Zealand’s largest organic apple producer says he has been overwhelmed by the appetite for organic ice cream. “The timing is right for organic ice cream as consumers are so much more aware of where their food comes from. They want to eat quality but they also have an environmental conscience and want to know it’s been produced sustainably. So it’s important that we provide an organic choice in the freezer.”

The Rush Munro’s story began in 1926, when English born founder, Frederick Charles Rush Munro set up shop, with his wife Catherine in Hastings. The business has always been privately owned and was bought by John Bostock in 2001. Since then, Mr Bostock has helped successfully spread Rush Munro’s ice cream throughout the country into supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlours and has played a big role in growing the iconic Rush Munro’s brand nationally.

There are six new organic flavours, including Dark Chocolate Orange, Scorched Almond, Mochaccino, Strawberry and Coconut, Feijoa, Ginger and Almond. The new range comes in 457ml and 100ml tubs. Rush Munro’s original premium flavours will be available in small 100ml tubs.