Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Twenty-Four

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Episode Twenty-Four:

In this episode, our couples embarked on yet another dinner party, and things got pretty crazy.

Heidi decided that she was unwilling to let go of her and Mikes previous argument regarding the ‘I will try and fall in love with you’ moment. The two were in a deep spiral, and it seemed as if nothing could pull Heidi out of her own head.

Nic and Cyrell had a pleasant but uneventful evening, as did Cam and Jules. Ning and Mark even tried to do some ‘couples counselling’ for Mike and Heidi. The two supplied reasonable advice, but Heidi was unwilling to hear it.

Billy and Susie continued to be super awkward and a bit hostile towards one another, every little thing one of them did just seem to set off the other.

Both Jess and Mick shared their side of the story regarding their arguments. However, they didn’t speak a word to one another. Eventually, Jess weaselled her way into a conversation with Dan. The two hit it off and escaped outside for some sneaky kisses. Jess shared that she was going to write STAY at the next commitment party. Not because she had any interest in staying with Mick, but because she wanted to continue having her way with Dan. The situation seems like Ines 2.0.

On the plus side, at least we got to see everyone’s shocked reactions when Mick walked into the formal event wearing a thermal and some choice jandals. The moment was utterly priceless.

Back to the drama. Martha watched the whole scandal between Jess and Dan play out but decided that she wanted her friend to be able to go about her business without interference, so turned a blind eye to the affair. Jess told her she would fill her in later, proving that both of these women seem to lack any sort of conscience.

Tamara seemed none the wiser about her husband’s affair, but the two appeared to be getting under each other’s skin in general. Apparently, they have inherited the same uncomfortable bitterness that Billy and Susie have been displaying. It would be a shame if Dan wasn’t so damn awful. To be honest, Tamara would be better off without him.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Ning and Mark have grown from one of the most unstable couples of the season to a pair of wise old fools. Seeing them help other couples when it wasn’t long ago they themselves seemed so lost was a nice full circle moment.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Jess seemed to think she was the bees-knees this episode. Her attempts to seduce Dan with excessively winking and wiggling her eyebrows was rather unappealing and even came across as comical. If only she could see just how ridiculous she really appeared…