Although delicious, cooking Italian food isn’t always that easy, especially when you’re being compared to restaurant quality. We’ve gathered our very best tips and tricks for making the best Italian food at home. Be sure to try out these key ingredients and techniques when your next cooking Italian style.

  1. Don’t overcook your pasta

A key mistake made when cooking at home is leaving pasta on the boil for too long. To replicate restaurant quality, pasta should only be cooked to the point where it is firm to bite, as opposed to soft and mushy. To ensure your pasta isn’t overcooked, we recommend tasting a strand of pasta a few minutes before the suggested cooking time on the packed

  1. Add salt to your pasta water

Not many people know that the delicious taste of a pasta dish starts right from correctly seasoning the water. Pasta water should taste highly salted – so don’t be afraid to stir it in. Of course, the majority of the salt doesn’t end up in your food, but generously salting your water helps ensure you have a flavoured base to work from.

  1. Use extra-virgin olive oil

If you aren’t already, make sure to use extra-virgin olive oil when cooking Italian dishes. Full-bodied, fruity and flavoursome, extra-virgin olive oil is the perfect finishing touch to drizzle over salads, pasta or your grilled meat dishes.

  1. Use fresh cheese

Don’t buy pre-grated cheese as they are less fresh and have less flavour. Look for blocks of cheese and grate using a small grater to ensure the flavour is sprinkled throughout the dish.