Best Reality Television Shows to Binge Watch

In the wake of ITV’s cancellation of The Jeremy Kyle Show, which is undoubtedly an international tragedy, reality television fans have been left with a gaping hole in their lives. Finding a bingable reality series can be tricky: it needs to be structured without becoming repetitive, it needs to build excitement without dragging its feet, and above all else, it needs to be mind-numbingly entertaining.

Finding the perfect blend of silliness and intrigue can be a challenge, particularly with so many variations of the same format out there. But not to worry, Fennec and Friends are here to present the most binge-watch-able reality television shows to ensure your rainy Sundays in bed stay sacred.

Love Island

It is not a big surprise this title made its way onto our list, as it is possibly the most popular reality show on screens at the moment. The show is a sort of hybrid between The Bachelor and Big Brother, where contestants form and break relationships with their various housemates.

With a huge cash prize on the line, as well as countless Instagram followers and romantic possibilities, the show sees plenty of drama. Which is exactly what one looks for in a reality television show.

The series includes one of reality television greatest, and most entertaining, tropes – the first-person confession booth. This provides an excess of juicy and hilarious content to help viewers grow closer with the cast.

Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey is a reality television superstar. He has so many different shows, and it can be hard to keep track of which is which. Of all of Ramsey’s shows, Kitchen Nightmares definitely has the greatest binge-watching potential.

Unlike the infamous Hells Kitchen, the show is not competition based, and arcs take place over a single episode rather than building for a whole season. This provides an ease of watching, giving you an out should you need to stretch your legs or rest your brain.

The show features plenty of Ramsey’s rage-quit moments, and with seven seasons at your disposal, you won’t be running out of content any time soon.

Ru Pauls Drag Race

Another banger of a series that has certainly been making the rounds in 2019. Drag Race combines Americas Next Top Model with Project Runway and America’s Got Talent with the beauty and hilarity of some of the countries most outstanding drag queens. The result is a competition-based show with enthralling casts and countless quotable moments.

Not only is the show incomparably entertaining, but it also spreads powerful messages of love, diversity and acceptance in a time where the world needs it most.

The best part about this series is that it does not take itself too seriously, as the judges and contestants alike take plenty of opportunities to poke fun and themselves and the world around them.

Nailed It

Netflix has really pulled it out when it comes to reality television shows. The competition-based show sees some of America’s most helpless home cooks attempt to create culinary masterpieces. The result is a collection of hilarious concoctions which will have you in stitches.

Like Ru Pauls Drag Race this show does not take itself too seriously, making it easy, mindless watching. The show’s hosts have great chemistry and provide a hilarious commentary for the monstrous creations the guests create.

Each episode follows the same format, and the show is not particularly revolutionary in its content. But we are not on the hunt for mind-bending dramas, reality television is all about mindless amusement and Nailed It provides just that.