Bobux’s guide to DIY Halloween costumes for kids

Kids in Halloween costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and for Fennec and Friends, that means scouring the internet for the cutest costumes to dress up the little ones in our life. If you’re looking for a Halloween outfit that’s easy to put together and easy on the pocket, read on for local kids’ shoe brand Bobux’s comprehensive guide to dressing the little ones (from infant to kids) in DIY style.



Bobux infant costume

Photo courtesy of Bobux


Panda – A white sock hat, pair of glasses, black sweats, and a white t-shirt are all that’s needed for this adorable panda costume! Pair with the limited edition Bobux x Bonnie Mob Peace Panda Soft Soles and you have the full adorable outfit.

Sheep – Combine a white hat with black pants and a shirt with hot glued cotton balls attached in all of the right places for the perfect little sheep costume for your baby!

Spider – Pair an all black shirt and pants with three sets of stuffed legs and a couple of eyes sewn onto a black hat for the itsiest little spider costume!



Bobux toddler costume

Photo courtesy of Bobux

Rain Cloud – Just fluff up an umbrella with some cotton to create an adorable rain cloud. Using a sideboard, create a rainbow on each side and finish it off with a pair of Bobux Waterproof Paddington Boots for a unique and fun costume! You can even coordinate with your little one.

Dinosaur – Using cardboard, create a dinosaur helmet and sew a stuffed tail. Dress your child in matching sweats and they will be wearing this tail all year long!

Shark – Find a dark blue or gray sweat outfit with a hood and sew a few teeth around the opening. Fashion a fin and tail and attach them to the back to create a cool baby shark outfit! This will also keep them nice and warm during trick or treating.



Bobux kids costume

Photo courtesy of Bobux

Lego – All you need is a box, a few condiment cups or paper towel tubes cut to size and you can create this kid-sized Lego!

Flamingo – Combine a pink leotard and leggings decked with a bright pink boa and you have the perfect flamingo outfit! Fashion a beak and add eyes to complete the look.

Emoji – Just cut out a large cardboard circle, paint it yellow and add the face of your favorite emoji for this easy DIY costume. Add a sturdy string to tie it around your child’s waist or over their shoulders. Pair with the Bobux Grass Court Waterproof Shoes.


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