Buon appetito! The Week of Italian Cuisine is set to begin

Co-ordinated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Week of Italian Cuisine is set to kick off for the third time in New Zealand, as well as over 100 countries across the world.

This year’s theme is the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on healthy eating, while also providing an environmentally and economically sustainable model for the event.

New Zealand is hosting 32 events across Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington to celebrate the occasion, and is working closely with the Italian Embassy to ensure the success of the events. Michelin starred chefs Alessandro Cannata and Francesca Fucci will be arriving in New Zealand for the week and cooking in highly renown restaurants including Auckland’s Giraffe, Nelson’s Hopgood’s and The Rees in Queenstown. The chefs will be featuring distinctive traits of Italian identity and culture in their presentations, utilizing seasonal ingredients with a particular focus on Slow-food philosophy.

Across the country, restaurants participating in the events will be showcasing authentic Italian cuisine as well as cooking classes and nutritional seminars focusing on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World runs from the 19th to the 25th of November and will offer an immersive cultural experience for those in attendance.