Can music make cheese taste better?

A Swiss cheesemaker has begun an experiment testing whether music can make his cheese taste better.

Beat Wampfle is a cheesemaker is the Swiss town of Burgdorf and has hundreds of cheeses maturing in his cellar. In one corner of the cellar though, wheels of Emmenthal cheese sit with speakers below them.

Beginning in September, Wamplfe has been playing Led Zeppelin and other timeless classics to the cheese to see if it will influence the maturation process, and possibly even alter the taste.

Different wheels have different genres of music playing below, as Wamplfe hopes to find that different sounds change the cheese’s characteristics.

The University of the Arts in Bern was doubtful at first about the experiment.

“At first we were sceptical, then we discovered there is a field called sonochemistry that looks at the influences of sound waves, the effect of sound on solid bodies,” said Michael Harenberg, music director, University of the Arts, Bern.

For now, the cheese is still a while off being done, but when it’s ready just after the New Year we will eagerly awaiting to see the impact of the different tunes.