Family-owned New Zealand company, Whittaker’s has perfected a new caramel filling and is releasing two new caramel products. The new creamier, smoother and more velvety caramel has been paired with Whittaker’s delicious 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, and Whittaker’s has also created a new a 62% Dark Salted Caramel.

Whittaker’s Marketing Manager Jasmine Currie explained that Whittaker’s had spent nearly three years trialling 59 different recipes to create the perfect caramel filling used in these two products, and eagerly anticipates feedback from Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers and all fans of caramel-filled chocolate.

To celebrate Whittaker’s new caramel creations, top Auckland restaurant Culprit has introduced a Whittaker’s caramel-inspired dessert to its menu. This unique dessert will be available exclusively at Culprit for the remainder of May.

Celebrity foodie and Whittaker’s Chocolate Lover, Nigella Lawson, will feature in an exciting new TV spot to support the launch of Whittaker’s new caramel products and will showcase the companies relentless focus on quality.