Dairyworks stands apart as a family owned and operated Christchurch based enterprise founded in the South Island’s Temuka district. Dairyworks is a company built on the values and innovation that have made New Zealand a world leader in branded dairy products. Dairyworks New Zealand is thrilled to introduce five new products bringing outstanding flavour combinations and sensational blends to you for your tasting pleasure. These new grated blends and natural slices will bring satisfaction to taste-buds and lunch boxes around the country.

The Grated Smokin’ Mix is a natural wood smoked mix of edam, parmesan and cheddar, perfectly blended for your culinary creations.

The 3 Cheese Grated blend brings together mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan for Italian inspired meals.

Like a lil heat in your cheese? You’ll love the Jalapeno Grated. Natural Colby cheese with jalapeno peppers offers a medium heat – just what you need when your creation desires an extra kick.

Not to be cheesy, but the new grated blends are simply Grate! Grated cheese makes life that little bit easier and the handy ziplocked packaging keeps your cheese fresher for longer.

Jalapeno Natural Slices will bring your sandwiches, toasties and cheese platters to life whilst the Cheddar Natural Slices will be a crowd pleaser for the whole family.

Satisfy your taste-buds and create tasty meals with these delicious new Dairyworks cheeses. All products are gluten-free and 100 percent natural cheese with no artificial colours or flavours.