The new 256 by Clooney is fresh approach to the art of degustation. Offering a do-it-yourself mentality, this degustation has 256 different combinations for a five course dinner. Crafted by your tastebuds, make sure you go with someone who has the same taste as you because the whole table has to order the same thing. With 16 dish options across four courses, we created our own bespoke menu to suit us. Curating your dinner has never been so exciting. Overwhelmed by the many exquisite possibilities, we chose the following…

A degustation menu would traditionally take customers on a culinary adventure as chosen by the restaurant, but 256 by Clooney turns the table to you. You are in charge of your own destiny, well for this meal at least. Each dish highlights tantalising selections curated by head chef Nobu Lee using 100 percent locally sourced produce. Nothing is imported, not even the wine. Speaking of wine, the sommelier was extraordinary. He loves Clooney’s 256 degustation as it creates new wine pairings with each table, an exciting new combination every night. For a little bit extra, you can have the sommelier create a wine, juice or tea pairing with each of your dishes.

Clooney owner and restaurant manager Tony Stewart explained that 256 is perfect for those who are new to the degustation experience and want to enjoy a night of fine dining at a reasonable cost, while also having full control over what they’re eating. “Clooney prides itself on taking diners through a culinary tour of New Zealand using ingredients that play an important role in defining our country’s cultural identity,” explained Stewart. “256 is simply an extension of our existing dining offer and is a fun, customisable way to embark on this journey.”

This was an incredible dining experience and a great introduction to degustation menus. Experience the art of fine dining for a steal of $120. “Diners need only choose a table, choose a night and then on arrival choose one of 256 beautifully crafted meal possibilities,” added Stewart.

Originally 256 by Clooney was available only in September but has been extended for the month of October on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday dinner, and Friday lunchtime bookings.