Do You Know Pottermore or Potterless?

harry potter and the philosopher's stone cover

Call yourself a Pothead? Test your trivia skills at the nation’s ultimate Harry Potter quiz, held on the 6th and 7th of September.

Famous local trivia company Gee Quiz is back at it again, once more filling Auckland’s iconically old Bluestone Room with a specific brand of geek. Hosted by Lord Moldemort, the old brick bar will be serving special food and drink for the occasion, so bring your I.D. if you want some of that good, good, buttery beer. Want (Potter)more? There’ll be more trivia, bonus games, and prizes than you can shake a wand at.

Dressing in costume is encouraged. There’s even a prize for it, so dust off last year’s Armageddon robe and scar your forehead, because the competition is stiff.

The entry cost is $90 per team, and team sizes are a minimum of four and a maximum of six people. This event is hotter than the goblet of fire, so book your team of O.W.L. nerds in ASAP. Teams will be into houses, so you need to get in quick before all that’s left is Hufflepuff.

Check out Gee Quiz’s Facebook page for more details.