Introducing Easy As Carpooling, a website that offers carpooling services for commuters and travellers in New Zealand. Passionate about preserving New Zealand’s natural habitat, sharing cars and using T2 and T3 lanes, four French shareholders living in New Zealand decided to build a carpooling destination.

An environmentally friendly and economical way of travelling, the website allows users to either be the driver and share their car with other passengers who are heading to the same location or let someone share a ride with another driver. Sharing a journey can be routine or a spur of the moment trip, over both short and long distances.

With safety features like the driver and passenger ID verification, a rating system, mobile and email verifications and ladies-only rides, Easy As Carpooling are committed to ensuring a safe car journey.

The service offers three different types of share rides. Ladies Only to ensure extra safety and allow females to feel at ease, Road Trip Rides for longer share rides to a different city/ destination and Corporate Rides for business trips and the morning commute.