First they came for the cheese…

Potential cheese-tariffs shake America!

The uncertain trade climate has international cheese and wine lovers shaking in their boots! Proposed tariffs from the Trump administration mean that these post-dinner delicacies could soon become a lot more expensive.

The proposal saw up to $11 billion USD worth of tariffs being placed on European products, including jams, seafood and our beloved wine and cheeses. Not only are the government coming for the people’s cheese, but they are also looking to ensure that not a single variation goes un-noticed. Over two pages worth of cheese flavours were subject to tax under the new proposal. From Cheddar to Stilton, from Swiss to Gruyere and even the delicious Pecorino!

The tariffs have not been officially approved yet and could still be vetoed by the World Trade Organisation. But America’s citizens are eagerly awaiting the fate of their cheeses.