Food Giant MacDonalds Making Environmental Leaps

Food chain giant McDonalds is making new strides in environmental sustainability. The company has just announced an ambitious plan to redesign 95 per cent of its 1,800 new restaurants in China to meet the ‘LEED’ and ID+C certification standard issued by the US Green Building Council.

Despite having a previous reputation for environmental and health issues in the 1980’s, projects such as this show the chain’s commitment to moving towards a more sustainable business model. McDonald’s was among the first major food service chains to partner with the Environmental Defense Fund in order to reduce packaging and waste. Following the partnership, the corporation as eliminated over 300 million pounds of packaging, and earlier this year McDonald’s announced its intention to source 100% of its packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025.

The company’s 2016 Q3 Consumer survey indicated that environmental concerns are at the forefront of their customer’s minds, with 75 per cent of global users believing that ‘living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle’ is fundamental to their wellbeing. McDonald’s move towards a more sustainable future will benefit the whole industry, in addition to boosting the brand’s image and reputation amongst consumers.