Celebrating with a spiced tribute to its Swedish roots, Absolut has launched Absolut Extrakt. Bold and delicious the drink combines vodka with the warm, spiced flavour of green cardamom and other secret ingredients.

Packed with a juicy flavour, the new Absolut is well-balanced with a mix of fruitiness, a slight sweetness, and a spicy kick. High-quality, smooth to drink and not too sweet, Absolut Extrakt offers a unique taste profile.

For hundreds of years, Swedes have been infusing alcohol with spices, herbs and plant extracts. The spice-infused spirit was often sipped neat, or as a ‘snaps’ as Swedes would refer to it.

By bringing a modern take to the traditional Swedish ‘snaps’, Absolut Extrakt celebrates this tradition and is best enjoyed neat or chilled in a long drink with tonic, sparkling water, or ginger beer.

“We’re very excited to launch Absolut Extrakt in New Zealand, bringing a delicious, quality way to enjoy Absolut Vodka in a modern interpretation of the Swedish snaps tradition. We hope Absolut Extrakt will become part of many enjoyable shared moments,” said Kiri Hyde, marketing manager for Absolut in New Zealand.

Carefully crafted in Åhus Sweden, the new Absolut Extrakt is now available in New Zealand.