Gelato Flavours To Try Before You Die

As the home of gelato, Italy is the place to visit for any dessert aficionado. Gelaterias are fond of experimenting with flavours, but these creations go well beyond any Ferrero Rocher or Snickers invention.

Ricotta Stregata

Translating literally to ‘bewitched ricotta’, cheese flavoured gelato may not be high up on any bucket list, but the flavour is popular all over Italy. Local twists include hazelnuts, lemon or orange peel, or even a splash of fruit liqueur.

Zuppa Inglese

Again, the literal translation doesn’t sound so flash (English soup, anyone?) but this trifle-inspired gelato features a custard base, sherry and ripples of sponge cake, which does sound rather flash.

Cioccolato Con Peperoncino

Chocolate and chilli. What could go wrong? Well, it all depends on the type of chilli used – gelaterias have been known to experiment with Aji and cayenne peppers, so a sample may be recommended first. A variation is the cioccolato all’azteca, which adds cinnamon.