Get ready to embrace the future of ice cream delivery as Häagen Dazs trials a new real-time delivery service through facebook messenger. The brand has launched a new real-time delivery service through its Facebook messenger app called Häagen Dazs NOW. The new service will allow consumers to order ice cream from any location which will then be delivered directly into the hands of the customer. Just imagine the greatness of receiving ice cream while at the beach or during a trip up One Tree Hill.

Once an order is placed the service will have the ability to pinpoint a customer’s location using web-based geolocation APIs which will swiftly sync mobile data through web sockets. The location technology used will give Häagen Dazs the customers location and allow the shopper to see the exact delivery time.

“Häagen-Dazs NOW is a first for the ice-cream category, tapping into the growing trend for geo-targeted services.  We’re testing it to inform future consumer engagement plans, each of which aims to make every day extraordinary for our consumers”, said Samuel Horner, Senior Brand Manager at Häagen-Dazs UK.

The ice cream giant is set to trial the service for the first time this September in London. Fingers crossed this is just the beginning, and other brands join this technology bandwagon and come to NZ.

KFC on demand anyone.