HELL Pizza Trials Plant-Based Burger ‘Meat’ – Nobody Notices

Few things lie as close to people’s heart as pizza; just like burgers, burritos, and buttered bread, it’s not a foodstuff to be messed with.

So perhaps it was appropriately blasphemous of HELL Pizza to top its new ‘burger pizza’ with plant-based meat substitute Beyond Meat.

In a video posted to the HELL Pizza YouTube page, barbers at The Godfather Barbers in Wellington were invited to test out the new pizza. But there’s a twist – the taste-testers weren’t told that the ‘meat’ that topped their pizzas was entirely made from plants.

Their reviews were all positive – one praised the “Nice, succulent, big patty,” with another pointing out the “Good quality meat” that was used to top the pizza.

When it was revealed that they were not, in fact, eating meat, many were stunned. “I would not have guessed it was plant-based,” said one, whilst another simply claimed, “I wouldn’t believe it.”

From HELL’s wider test audience, 80 per cent said they were pleasantly surprised or unfazed to find out the meat was vegan; more than 70 per cent said they would buy it again; and 70 per cent said the patty tasted just like meat.