Raglan Coconut is committing to help clean up our oceans. For the month of July, Raglan Coconut will be donating 50 cents from each sold jar of their Natural Greek Style Yoghurt to the New Zealand organisation Sea Cleaners.

Co-founders Seb Walter and Tesh Randall were incredibly impressed and wanted to get behind their efforts of Sea Cleaners. “Meeting Captain Hayden Smith and hearing about how they have collected over 170 shipping containers worth of rubbish floating around in our oceans was equal parts inspiring and heart-breaking,” said Randall. “What they have achieved with their small fleet of boats and volunteers deserves a huge thank-you from the whole country.”

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt has been on a mission this year to clean-up NZ’s beaches, encouraging customers to do a clean-up and be sent free yoghurt. Over 42,000 pieces have been collected by individuals and community groups so far.