With no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, OSOM’s new range of Ayurvedic spiced New Zealand Spring Water is the answer for hydrating the mind, body and soul. Their range of three holistic drinks includes Detox, Restore and Calming. Loaded with Fairtrade spices that detoxify, calm and restore, OSOM supports a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Drink chilled, warm or just add some chia seeds. You’ll be sure to find your zen with these three available blends.

Detox: which contains a cleansing mix of ginger, turmeric, holy basil/tulsi and pepper to help support the purifying and detoxing of the body.

Restore: the refreshing combination of fennel, cumin, ginger, holy basil/ tulsi and turmeric helps support the replenishment of the body after a hard day or a hard work out.

Calming: blends fennel and clove with the soothing and refreshing properties of rose to calm your mind, body and soul.