Is that the Lotto girl in LEO+BE’s new campaign?

Hold on, TIME OUT. Is the Lotto girl the face of this new LEO+BE collection? I must say, it does seem a little odd that Sonia Gray is partnering up with a New Zealand designer. However, after giving it some time, there’s no one else that fits LEO+BE’s brand new Autumn collection, TIME OUT, than Sonia Gray.

Sonia Gray, a kiwi icon, brings out the style of the modern Kiwi gal, and that is everything this TIME OUT collection is about. Think playful feminity mixed with athletic aesthetics and you’re basically halfway there.

This collection is decked out in soft blues, bold reds and cloud whites. Pair their cute Intermission Dress with gym bleachers, Bright Idea Tee with a basketball hoop and suddenly you’ve got high fashion on the tennis court.

I’ll definitely need some TIME OUT thinking about these gorgeous pieces for the next few business days… thanks a lot Sonia Gray.