Kanye West. Unquestionably the most important icon of the last two decades. From his nine classic albums to his instantly recognisable Yeezy garments and even a brief foray into furniture, there’s not much the man hasn’t done. But what has the enigma himself, Kanye West been doing with his time in the last little while? It’s been a couple of months since his albums dropped, so surely he’s doing something awesome with this spare time. Right?



Rapper and frequent Kanye collaborator 2Chainz got married recently, and Kanye and Kim attended the event. Unsurprisingly, Kanye stole the show with a unique fashion choice, rocking $200 YEEZY slides with his feet hanging off the end. Negative-minded Twitter critics dismissed the slides as “too small”. However, what they fail to realise is that Kanye is setting a new trend. Comfort is out, orthopaedic support is now the key. Kanye understands that feeling comfortable takes a back seat when you can instead support your heel and ankle bones by letting them rest, draping off the edge of the slides. While everyday eyes may perceive the slides as undersized, it’s a conscious choice – a direct contrast to the oversized clothes of previous Yeezys Seasons. It’s an artistic statement, while also a very important nod to the orthopaedic field.



Just before Mr West checked-in to 2Chainz’ wedding, he managed to squeeze in the time to smash back a scoop of ice cream. The rapper who so famously said “poopity scoop, whoop!” is now vibing with a new type of scoop. From the picture, it would appear he’s eating some variety of caramel flavoured ice-cream in a waffle cone. Kanye refused to comment on the exact flavour of ice-cream.



With the touch of his fingers, Kanye released a new commandment for his followers to live by.

It’s an important message. Keep striving, stay inspired!

The Tweet also makes readers ponder an existential question. Undoubtedly, every creative person on Earth is inspired by Kanye West. But what if you are Kanye West? Who inspires him? How do you “stay inspired” when you are the inspiration? As a famous Roman poet once said, “who watches the watchmen?”



Somehow between tweeting snippets of sage wisdom, eating ice-cream and attending weddings with other A-list celebrities, Kanye also found time to release new music. The fresh track, XTCY is a masterclass in production and lyricism, with stand-out bars like “We don’t throw stones, we throw stacks,” Kanye harkens back to Watch the Throne-era luxury-rap, something fans have been begging him to do for years.


However, the real innovation is with the song’s release cycle. XTCY was shared with the world via WeTransfer. It’s astonishing that no artist has ever thought of releasing a song via the file-sharing platform before, and it’ll surely spark listener’s interest in the cloud-based service.

Gone are the days of Spotify, iTunes or Tidal releases, WeTransfer is the new wave. Unfortunately, the WeTransfer file has since been taken down but the song will live forever on Youtube.


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