Kwikli launches a fun alternative to your daily commute

With the electric ‘Lime’ scooters taking over Auckland it was only a matter of time before another fun travel alternative made its way onto our streets.

Kwikli has launched an e-moped ride-sharing service in Auckland’s North Shore this past Sunday and will be expanding their services across Auckland and into a range of other cities in the coming months.

The ride-share service works in a similar way to the ‘Lime’ counterparts, users are able to locate and unlock the e-mopeds using an app. Unlocking the vehicle will cost $2 and each minute of riding will be 35 cents, a slight increase over the Limes $1 unlock fee and 30 cents charge per minute of riding. But the Kwikli service provides is targeting commuters, rather than thrill seekers. The vehicles can be used in transit lanes and reach a max speed or 50kmph, they are designed to get people from A to B without facing the trials and tribulations of Auckland traffic

Travel troubles are a big problem for many Aucklanders, with high parking fees and congested roads at the front of their long list of complaints. These unique alternatives are making commuting an adventure, rather than a mundane and frustrating daily journey.