Meet the model: Ella

Name: Ella Murphy

Age: 19

Location: Wellington, NZ

How did you initially get into modelling? I was scouted by Sara Tetro when I was 13 but didn’t look into it until I was about 17 after I had been scouted a second time by Katherine Lowe.

What has been your greatest modelling experience to date? Shooting a Kate Sylvester lookbook for New York and NZ a few months ago was super exciting!

Hardest thing about modelling? When I first tried this, being in front of a camera was a bit strange for me – I pretty much avoided it when I was younger. Going outside of my comfort zone by modelling was something that allowed me to be confident both in front of the camera and also in day to day life.

Favourite model , or model you look up to? A model I love at the moment is Inka Williams- such a unique look.

Besides modelling how do you spend your days? Aside from my studies in design, I spend time doing stuff with people that make me happy.

What makes you smile? So many things, I’m always laughing. What is the most important life lesson you have learnt? To not take everything so seriously.

Images & Interview by Rhiannon Purves