New Zealand’s favourite chocolate brand has released three new flavours to add to their already popular artisan Destinations range. Bringing you flavours from across the globe they stopped in Australia, Colombia and Madagascar to bring us kiwi’s three exotic and delightful flavours.

Thanks to our neighbours across the Tasman, Whittaker’s found the nutty, chocolate and caramel flavours of ground Australian Wattleseed, the edible seed of the Australian Acacia. This has been caramelised around crunchy, batch roasted cashew nuts to create Whittaker’s Caramelised Cashew with Australian Wattleseed in 33% cocoa Creamy Milk Chocolate.

A block of Colombia sees the world’s finest mangos paired them with tangy, bright passionfruit in Whittaker’s smooth White Chocolate to create Whittaker’s Colombian Mango with Passionfruit in 28% cocoa White Chocolate.

They have also created their darkest chocolate yet. Madagascan Sambirano 82% cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate, Whittaker’s have used ‘fine flavour’ Forastero and Trinitario cocoa beans from the world-renowned Sambirano Valley in Madagascar.

The three delicious new Destinations flavours hit supermarket shelves nationwide on Monday 16 July.