Oops, Tom Cruise Did It Again…


Oh Tom, wasn’t the last Jack Reacher enough? Continuing his bad movie streak, Tom Cruise might’ve been better off leaving this one behind. Maybe a younger actor would’ve done it differently… done it better…

After being hit by a bus and falling out of plane, did you really think kissing an evil mummy would be a good idea too? The new The Mummy reboot is the first segment of the new ‘Universal Dark Universe’ where Cruise plays Nick Morton the antagonist. How did they slip in some slapstick comedy and a love interest all while The Mummy juggles some action. The movie is saved only by encouraging the return of the film’s scary roots. With some scares scattered throughout the first half, Sofia Boutella takes on the role of Ahmanet (The Mummy) and is probably the best character in the whole thing.

Overall, the movie is watchable and fills its sarcophagus with some bad CGI, an array of curses and a world of gods and monsters.