Our country is for sale

An Australian comedian is attempting to “sell New Zealand” through his Gofundme campaign after eBay shuts him down.

Isaac Butterfield, a popular comedian with more than one million subscribers on Youtube, launched his Gofundme campaign yesterday which read “New Zealand has gone too far.”

The funds raised in the “sale of New Zealand” will go to two charities Butterfield has selected.

“The two charities I picked mean a lot to me. Swiss8 is raising funds to further help veterans who return from war with mental health issues they may encounter and GAP – Greyhounds as Pets finds homes for retired racers,” he explained.

The comedian launched the campaign after the previous conflict he has had with kiwis and New Zealand. In 2018, Butterfield posted a video response to a video on Facebook by Kiwi Jordan Watson of How to Dad Fame. Facebook reported the video as racist, resulting in the comedian’s ban from the social network.

“I have had a long and sometimes volatile relationship with NZ, I even went on The Project to defend myself after being banned from Facebook for making fun of NZ. But the people forgave me and came out in droves to my tour of the country only a month ago,” said Butterfield.

He is planning on releasing a video explanation on Monday, clarifying how will the world will benefit from the sale of New Zealand.

The Gofundme campaign has so far raised $426 in less than two days.