Pour Some Sugar on Me

Getting kids to eat the vegetables is a struggle shared by parents all around the world, particularly when it comes to bitter green vegetables like broccoli.

However, extensive research has shown that a potentially simple solution is sitting at our fingertips. Adding a small sprinkle of sugar to your kid’s vegetables could be the way to trick them into healthier eating. There has been a great deal of research dedicated to finding ways to encourage healthy eating in children. Dietitian and researcher at the University of Connecticut, Valerie Duffy, declared that their findings indicated a need to focus on flavour. Children have significantly more sensitive palates than their parents, so by improving the flavour of vegetables, perhaps the battle will finally be over.

Rather than attempting to disguise or hide the bitter vegetables among other foods, parents should simply add a little sweetness. By sprinkling a tiny bit of sugar over the vegetables, the initial bitterness is fought off and children will be more likely to enjoy their healthy meals.

This research has inspired a bedazzling of vegetables, parents using hundreds-and-thousands sprinkles to create a visually and tasty redesign of their children’s vegetables, and the idea is trending. The result is a beautiful new vegetable-candy hybrid that holds all the nutritional value of the original vegetable plus a little something sweet to draw kids in.