The multi-network game FORTNITE is hugely popular not just for it’s battle royale style, but also for the interactive emotes that can be earned or bought. These emotes can range from anything from rock, paper, scissors to popular or viral dance moves. Chance The Rapper has taken to Twitter to voice his disappointment.

And he’s not the only one. 2 Milly is currently working with a legal team to reach Epic about the ‘Milly Rock’ dance that features as one of the most popular emotes on the game. 2 Milly explained that it started out as something to do for fun, not to monetise it in any way. He added that his Milly Rock dance on the game was “basically stolen”, paired completely different music and titled Swipe It. If Taylor Swift can copy right her birthday and random song lyrics (“this sick beat”) then why can’t we copy right dance moves?

“I just feel like the appropriate thing to do is compensate me with a fair amount for my addition to the game,” said 2 Milly. Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance is found on the game as well as many other viral dance moves. Other victims to the game’s emotes include; Michael Jackson, The Carlton, Napoleon Dynamite, Gangnam Style, Snoop Dogg, Backpack Kid (Floss), Turk from Scrubs, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Dame Tu Cosita, and EVEN SALT BAE. See the top ten dances and their origins below.