Big meets bigger in this video game film adaptation. The Rock takes his rightful place at the helm of this dumb funny action adventure as Davis Okoye. A primatologist at the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary, Okoye develops a close bond with a rare albino gorilla named George. After George accidentally inhales a mutated experimental gene that causes him to not only grow exponentially but to also become increasingly aggressive, Okoye with the help of discredited geneticist Kate Caldwell, sets out to find a cure.

With a name like Rampage, not much was expected from this film. The premise of three giant mutated animals terrorising a city doesn’t exactly scream Oscar contender. It’s filled with cheesy one-liners, people who should be injured miraculously recovering and a mountain of plot flaws. The only saving grace is George the giant albino gorilla with a comedic sense of humour. The special effects are decent and reasonably realistic for this type of film and the relationship between the Rock’s character and George results in a movie that isn’t entirely terrible.