Rural Catch: The best new way to find love

Move over The Bachelor, because New Zealand presents the best new way to meet the love of your life: Fieldays Rural Catch!

If you are a single, rural-based Kiwi looking for love and a bit of adventure, then Fieldays Rural Catch could be for you! The two-day event allows contestants to compete in a variety of rural-themed activities alongside a collection of social events. There is an impressive prize pool up for grabs, so the winner of the event could walk away with the coolest trophy ever, The Golden Gumboot, as well as $25,000.

The event brings together like-minded people for a weekend of fun and games, where love is sure to flourish. ‘Meet a Mate’ is the new social event for the single farmers and will be held throughout the weekend. So after a few hours of friendly competition, contestants can pull up a chair and get to know their opponents.

Fieldays Rural Catch will be held from the 12-15th of June in Taipahe, and will make finding love more fun than ever before!