The best combinations for your favourite cheeses

If you think all cheeses are the same, you are certainly mistaken! Each variation has a unique flavour and texture and works well with a different combination of ingredients. Here is your cheat sheet for understanding how to use some of the world’s most popular cheeses best.


Perhaps the most versatile cheese on this list, cheddar is used both in cooking and as a stand-alone snack.
The cheese has quite a sharp flavour so you don’t need to use much to get the full cheesy effect.
Cheddar works perfectly as a burger topper or in a variety of other sandwiches. In cooking, the cheese is perfect for a strong cheese sauce or in cheesy quiches. Cheddar is best used when you want a strong cheese flavour, rather than for a subtler addition to your cooking.
For an easy snack slice up some green apples with cubes of cheddar cheese, the mix of sweet and savoury will make your taste buds sing.


Parmesan is somewhat of a luxury, the hefty price tag may turn some people off, but true cheese lovers know that the expense is well worth the delicious nutty aftertaste this cheese leaves in your mouth.
Parmesan does not need to be used in excess, just a small sprinkle over your savoury dishes is more than enough. The luxury cheese works best in pasta and risotto or on top of savoury muffins.
Basil pesto and pine nuts compliment the cheese nicely, and the three work beautifully together in a simple salad

Monterey Jack

You could eat this creamy all-American cheese by the block; the mild buttery flavour makes it hard to resist demolishing it in a single sitting.
Monterey Jack is perfect for melting and makes the ideal addition to macaroni and cheese or a savoury casserole. The cheese is used most commonly in Mexican and Spanish cuisine.
Regarding wine combinations, a Pinot Noir or Riesling works perfectly with this creamy cheese.


This cheese comes in a variety of flavours, it starts out very mild in taste but sharpens as it ages, giving you a beautiful array of choices when it comes to cooking with Edam.
This cheese is the best accompaniment to potato dishes and also works well in soups and sauces, making it a massive staple in most cheese-oriented kitchens.
Edam cheese is also enjoyed on its own; it comes in a red paraffin wax coating which keeps the insides deliciously creamy, making it an indulgent snack.


Despite this cheeses thick and creamy texture, it has a very low fat content making it a great addition to a variety of diets.
Ricotta works well in sweet and savoury dishes, but not so much as a lone snack. You will find this cheese in pies, on top of veggies or in a fruity cheesecake. Ricotta is also a staple ingredient in lasagna, one of the world’s favourite pasta dishes.
For a simple dip mix Ricotta with olive oil, salt and pepper and enjoy a creamy dip that meshes well with thick crackers and breads.