Starbucks coffee has become an institution for millennials and wannabe writers over the years. The global coffee powerhouse has reached a level of global domination only ever thought to held by the likes of McDonalds and KFC. Marketing has played a big part in their success as has celebrity endorsements because let’s face it as many of us kiwi coffee connoisseurs know Starbucks coffee isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As part of the company’s marketing ploy they have been known to concoct crazy coffee combinations and advertise them as special Limited Edition Frappuccinos.

Early this year, however, the company announced that it would be reducing the number of limited edition drinks by 30% stating that they were not as popular with consumers and were often loathed by staff as they generally were more labour intensive to make. To show you just how special some of these Frappuccinos are, here are some of the most outrageous, most brightly coloured, most diabetes inducing limited edition Starbucks Frapps.


The Unicorn Frappuccino

This magical brightly coloured concoction was released earlier this year in March. Available in only the US, Canada and Mexico the drink, described by Starbucks as “sweet and fruity, transforming to pleasantly sour,” mainly received harsh criticism over its unusual taste and 59 grams of sugar.


The Churro Frappuccino

Slightly more reserved than the unicorn frap, this limited-edition coffee is technically still available via the franchises secret menu. Made using a combination of the original vanilla bean Frappuccino with the addition of cinnamon dolce syrup, white mocha syrup and cinnamon sprinkles it is popular among Starbucks regulars.


Crystal Ball Frappuccino

Released in March of this year the Crystal Ball Frappuccino became an instant social media hit. The drink was available in three variations; blue for future adventures, green for good luck and purple for possible enchantment headed your way.


Fruit Cake Frappuccino

Released in December 2016 the Fruitcake Frappuccino was less about looks and more about flavour.  A combination of hazelnut creme, cinnamon, whipped cream, caramel dots, matcha and dried fruits it went well with a Christmas jumper and some snow.


The Cotton Candy Frap

Another coffee that has endured the length of time, the Cotton Candy frap can still be found on the Starbucks secret menu. A basic combination, this drink is only made up of a vanilla bean frappuccino and pumps of raspberry syrup.


Mermaid Frappuccino

Starbucks has indeed jumped on the mythical creatures bandwagon with the likes of Unicorn and Dragon Frappuccinos. The mermaid frap was so popular that it became a permanent fixture on the secret menu. A combo of a vanilla bean frap, matcha powder, blended blackberries and cream, the coffee doesn’t exactly scream mythical mermaid but instead looks like a pink and green mess.


Cherry Pie Frappuccino

Launched last year in Japan the cherry pie frap was a pastry engineering feat. Layers of cherry compote are combined with vanilla foam and then topped with whipped cream and more cherry compote. The piece de resistance, however, is the pastry dome that sits on top with a straw poked through the middle.


Zombie Frap

Launched in October last year the Zombie Frappuccino received mixed reviews. With just about as much sugar as the Unicorn Frap, this drink was at least made for a reason, aka Halloween. Made with a green tart apple and caramel-flavoured crème blend, a red mocha syrup, and pink whipped cream, the cold coffee brew become an instant Instagram success.


The Christmas Tree Frap

Released for the festive season in 2017 the Christmas tree Frappuccino was available to customers for just five days. The coffee was a mixture of a cool peppermint frap, green matcha whipped crème, caramel garland, candied cranberries and was topped with a strawberry. The drink was well received by consumers and quickly started popping up on social media.


Cantaloupe Melon and Crème Frappuccino

Introduced to the public during a fashion show in Japan, the Cantaloupe Melon and Crème Frappuccino was an instant hit. The pannacotta flavoured drink was lined with cantaloupe and melon and topped with a generous serving of whipped crème.