The Perfect Cheese Fondue

Looking for a light dinner or fun party food for long summer evenings? Cheese fondue makes finger food fun with an array of delicious sweet and savoury combinations to try. Creating a delightful fondue is simple, once you understand each of the key stages.

First, and probably most importantly, is selecting your cheese. Fondue can be made with single cheeses or funky combinations, its all up to you! Swiss cheeses are used most commonly as the Fondue originated there, but nothing is off the table. The most popular combination is Gruyere with a duller companion such as Cheddar or Emmentaler, as it combines nutty and tangy tastes to ensure a well rounded and not to overwhelming flavour.
When cooking you will combine your chosen cheeses with butter, flour and white wine to create the perfect texture and acidity to your fondue. The key to cooking is to keep stirring, don’t let your cheese stick to the bottom of the pan or burn. Once it is finished, transfer it to a fondue pot over a low flame to ensure the cheese doesn’t begin to solidify.

The most exciting part of making fondue is choosing the delicious snacks you want to drown in your lovely cheesy pot. The power is in your hands, as there are immeasurable options that await your taste buds. Bread can make a popular dipper with breadsticks, sourdough or even a rustic cranberry loaf proving excellent additions to your floor picnic, allowing you to enjoy the full flavour of your cheese concoction. Whereas fruits and vegetables help to provide a contrast of sweet and salty. Mushrooms, pickled vegetables, apples and pineapples all have their place at the fondue table. Finally, if you are looking for more exotic combinations try a selection of cured meats, seafood or even jalapeno peppers to give your feast an extra kick.

Whether it’s a midnight snack you’re looking for or an inventive summer dinner, cheese fondue could be a fun new way for you to enjoy some of your favourite foods.