Does social media wag your tail? Or leave you barking mad? Up the ante and get all the furry online feels back, with a new app from canine care aficionados PEDIGREE!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the world’s gone doggone crazy with the steady stream of negative news infiltrating our social media feeds, which is why renowned pet food brand PEDIGREE have created a social sea change that celebrates dogs – and shares more doggy goodness!

Designed to put the good back into social media, the new PEDIGREE DentaStix Studios app creates a first of its kind experience for canines and their owners. Based on the ethos that social media can be a place that makes us humble humans feel good, the PEDIGREE® DentaStix Studios platform is all about creating content that’s overflowing with the goodness of dogs.

The DentaStix Studios app tracks negative trending topics and rates them according to bad human attributes such as narcissism, manipulation and deceit. The app then invites pet parents to create and share content from their furry capers, to counter the topics with positive dog attributes, such as loyalty, innocence and selflessness.

Parents of fur babies will enjoy three content tools that use a range of innovative technology, from dog facial recognition to AR treat tracking, alongside fun filters and 3D effects to get more bang for your bark! And while dogs are enjoying their newfound fame, a happy, harmonious balance is being restored to social media feeds.

As part of a daily oral care routine, PEDIGREE DentaStix treats are clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar build-up – a contributor to gum disease. The patented X-shape design and special texture help clean between teeth and down to the gum line – there’s a PEDIGREE DentaStix treats that’s right for dogs of every size! Deliciously moreish, dogs love their daily PEDIGREE DentaStix treats

Go fetch the new PEDIGREE DentaStix Studios app for yourself!

PEDIGREE DentaStix treats are available from leading supermarkets and pet stores.