Valentine Emergency Services: Get it sorted before you’re in the dog box.

Sound the alarm! Yes, it’s that time again! Valentine’s Day is on Friday and if you have a bright and shinny significant other – it’s time to show them your love! In the physical form of flowers and food – obviously. If nothing else, flowers will always save the day. No matter what gender, sexuality – everyone loves flowers.

Where to go:

Did you know Feel Good With Flowers has a map of every florist closest to you?! Click here to smell the roses… Also has nationwide delivery and every florist will have roses.

Our favourite:

Flowers After Hours in Parnell, Auckland. They smell delightful, every bunch is stunning – you will not be disappointed. I even got a bunch of flowers made here and asked for it to be horrible for a person I did not like and they even made those look good. UGH, the audacity!

How to get the most out of your bouquet of roses:

  • Bleach your vases before you put your flowers/water inside, bacteria multiples so fast in the warmer months of the year, so your vase may look clean, but it’s really not.
  • Recut your stems and strip off loose foliage. Always cut the stem on an angle for ultimate water absorption.
  • Ask your florist for ‘flower food’ which comes in a sachet and can be added to water.
  • Roses need lots of water and you should change the water every TWO DAYS.
  • Don’t leave red roses in the sun or hot places around the house.
  • Ask your florist for LOCAL! Quite often imported roses are maxed out by the time they get to you. They take three weeks to arrive and already have a short life span.
  • Don’t place your roses by any fruit bowls, it’s because ripening fruit emits a gas called ethylene which can cause cut flowers to age more rapidly, making them more susceptible to wilting and withering before their time.
  • Your roses should last anywhere from 7 – 10 days, if treated well.