What to Watch this Summer

With summer holidays approaching everyone is eager to get to the beach and enjoy the sun. But between the road trips and barbecues there is time to sit back, relax and enjoy some quality television.

Sky is proving Kiwis with a stellar lineup of shows and special features to make sure their summer is as carefree and enjoyable as possible. So rather than spending your evenings surfing through channels, check out this What To Watch list for summer with Sky TV.


Wednesdays from 5 December, 7.30pm

Frankie and Allie are recovering addicts pulling back the curtain on South Florida’s heroin epidemic. The two work to save lives while fighting to keep their work and personal lives from blurring and causing mayhem.

Frankie and Allie see successes and failures, and the people they help face a lifetime of struggles if they are able to stand up and overcome their adversaries.

The pair also provide insight at South Florida’s 10,000 rehab facilities and ask the question: are these treatment centres more interested in getting rich than helping their patients?


Mondays from 7 January, 7.30pm

VICE reporter Daniel Hernandez hosts this ultimate travel guide for those wanting to eat their way around the world.

The reporter tries everything from fried crickets in Oaxaca to haggis in Scotland. He travels off-road to experience some of the best local cuisine and culture each region has to offer.

With each episode, viewers will be transported to a different location and will dive hear fist into the personalities and food that define a region.


Weeknights from Monday 7 January, 7.40pm
The FoodNetwork

Highly popular cooking show Chopped is returning to screens as a whole new group of chefs prepare to take on intense culinary challenges.

Hosted by Ted Allen, chefs must combine skill, speed and integrity as they face off against one another in a three-course challenge to take home bragging rights and a $10,000 prize.

Season 15 to 19 will be airing back to back to give viewers non stop laughter and entertainment this summer.


Back-to-back viewing from Sunday 20 January, 5.25pm

The Office follows the mundane but hilarious lives of a group of employees at a paper company. The co-workers face mild challenges and anti-climactic run-ins on a daily basis which provide moments for comedic gold.

The award-winning show ran for nine seasons with an all-star cast, featuring Steve Carrell, Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski and Ed Helms.

Five episodes will screen back to back on Sundays so viewers can sink their teeth into the hilarious antics of these lovable characters.


Tuesday 15 January, 9.30pm

This unique documentary sheds light on an overlooked New Zealand industry, providing the audience with a renewed perspective on societies taboos.

The New Zealand sex industry is explored and explained by the very women involved. The women are asked hard-hitting questions which reveal the dark underbelly of New Zealand sex work.

How has the industry changed since the legalization of prostitution in New Zealand in 2003 and what still needs to change in order to foster a safe work environment for these women?


Tuesday 22 January, 9.30pm

One hundred and twenty-five years after women gained the right to vote in New Zealand this documentary brings audiences insider knowledge about what it is really like to be a female politician in New Zealand.

Men still vastly outnumber women in the political sphere and this insightful venture explores the realms and limitations of the present while questioning whether our current situation is as forward-thinking as our predecessors.

The documentary features insights from Helen Clark, RT. Hon and Louisa Wall. What might the next hurdle be for suffrage in New Zealand politics?


Tuesday 29 January, 9.30pm

Fighting legend Baby ‘Pitbull’ Nansen is followed by VICE through her career, gaining unique insights into competitive female fighting.

We see Baby on a mission to train Fernanda Gasperoni who will be fighting in the Lethal Ladies boxing tournament, and we get to watch her redemption as she takes on her first right after being defeated at Madison Square Gardens.

Baby works to enrich the lives of women and encourage them to be strong, rather than fit into the feminine box society has assigned them to.