woman stands ina rainy wellington street holding a reflective orange umbrella and wearing a reflective lumen coat

Fiona Pohlen’s new line combines her experience as a police officer with her award-winning design skills. Lumen Clothing, launched in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the World of Wearable Art, is New Zealand’s first fashion-forward high-visibility clothing brand.

Pohlen’s range is a highly practical blend of form and function. The garments are all reflective but stylish, keeping wearers safe and chic at the same time.

“My aim is to create a city where pedestrians are all visible in low-light conditions, and still look fabulous,” said Pohlen. It doesn’t hurt that the clothing is all locally and sustainably made, making the wearer safe and the New Zealand economy and environment, too.

“We are about reducing the negative impact our clothing brand has on the environment, and if we can keep people safe in low-light conditions whilst doing it; even better,” she commented.

Lumen Clothing uses 3M Scotchlite highlights, the same kind used on high-visibility safety workwear. The collection has an Alice in Wellington theme, with flying candelabras and a coat in the blue, reflective theme of this year’s World of Wearable Arts.

The collection can be seen shining bright in the window of Cranfields, as part of the WOW Window Dressing Competition.