The start of July sees many changes, the beginning of the second half of the year, the end (thank god) of Junk Free June and sometimes slightly less rain (sometimes). However, it also sees the start of another health fad, Dry July. For those of you who are blissfully unaware of Dry July, it is as the name suggests the month in which participants don’t drink alcohol. Luckily we, at Fennec and Friends are here to support you, and so have created a list of our favourite non-alcoholic brews to get you through the month.



If you haven’t heard of this brand, its safe to say that you have probably been living under a rock. Trending across the globe this sparkling ensemble of popular drinks has become a kind of religion among millennials. Available in a large variety of flavours from mango to apricot there is sure to be a flavour for everyone.



For those gym junkies, gluten-free, vegetable eating types, look no further than Vista Drinks. This newcomer has made drinking fizzy healthy (well as healthy as it can be). Made with only natural ingredients and sparkling water this magical liquid has less than one calorie per can.



My personal favourite when I opt to be a sober driver. Fentimans naturally brew their drinks for seven days using natural botanical ingredients. Available in a range of flavours such as ginger beer, elderflower and rose lemonade this drink not only tastes delicious but  looks great too.


Homemade ginger beer had a tendency to explode back in the day, so Hakanoa went and made it for us. Brewed the traditional way, it’s all natural, is free from additives and preservatives and not too sweet; containing about half the sugar of other leading brands. It has been said that the Lime & Chilli variant has become the go-to sober driver drink for summer – it’s the perfect grown-up soft drink to take to a BBQ.


Founded in Hawke’s Bay, Apple Press has only recently hit the beverage scene. Producers of varietal orange juices, the cool liquid comes in some of your favourite apple flavours; such as Jazz Apple and Royal Gala.  What makes this premium juice brand even better is that you are able to trace the apples that were juiced back to the original orchard in which they came from. Did we mention that are also bottled in 100% recyclable packaging.




Produced in a certified organic factory in Melbourne, Herbal Fix is free from artificial ingredients and processed sugars. Their drinks have a low glycemic index making them perfect for people with diabetes. Herbal Fix has a range of 6 distinctively flavoured beverages that appeal to a wide variety of consumers.


Wave farewell to mental fogginess and bid adieu to butterflies with Ārepa, the all-natural, smart drink that combines neuroscience, nature and technology to support mental clarity.


Hopt soda was created to make a pop that was actually cool. An alternative to having to take a coke or lemonade to a social event, this refreshing brew is totally Instagram worthy. The NZ made brew is wiped up by a team across Melbourne, Tokyo and Auckland to create a unique flavour unlike anything else.


Wana fake it till ya make it then Seedlip is the drink for you. This non-alcoholic spirit will have you doing a double take and will be sure to fool all ya mates as it tastes and looks just like a spirit. Available in two unique flavours; Spice 94 and Garden 108.



This true blue New Zealand company have been specialists in craft sodas since 2007. With a focus on local ingredients and a production philosophy which values taking the products from start to finish in-house, Aroha is one of the few true craft soda companies in NZ.