Branded Instagram filters

Person holding a phone camera in front of street art

Maker of hair styling tools Good Hair Day, or most popularly known as ghd, has recently unveiled its own Instagram filter. The ghd Royal Dynasty filter was launched in collaboration with the brand’s latest Christmas collection. With the help of Australian media production agency Made In The Pile, ghd created a custom filter that customers can use when they visit the brand’s Instagram @ghdhair_anz.

This isn’t the first time a brand has used the Augment Reality feature on the social media app as a promotional tool for a new product. In 2018, brands including Nike, Off-White and Disney among many others created custom filters for users to try out on the app and honestly… it’s a pretty genius marketing strategy. With over 400 million users of Instagram Stories, it’s the perfect way for brands to direct traffic into their profiles.

Ludovic Dellazzeri, managing director at ghd Australia, said that the ghd Royal Dynasty filters helped bring the brand’s Christmas collection campaign to life. “The filter gives users the chance to wear their very own royal crown through augmented reality.”

ghd is one of the first business accounts in Australia and New Zealand to host a branded Instagram filter.