Choice Words

Abortion is approached in this fascinating new read as a commonality, with appeals from creatives from all walks of life. Writers, comedians, actors, activists…

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A wonderful and mind-boggling retelling of the classic Cinderella story is presented by Jennifer Donnelly in this gripping new book. This novel picks up…

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Make It Happen

Psychology is approached in this new guide with a renewed sense of purpose. For years, author Jordanna Levin believed she was a psychic because…

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A Good Death

Death is one of the most fascinating and taboo topics in modern society, as people seem to be existing in a state of denial…

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Games on the Go

Boredom will be a thing of the past with this handy activity guide. Whether your kids want entertaining during a long car journey, fun…

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Singing in the Rain

This delightful workbook shares some tricks for achieving peace and harnessing the benefits of perseverance. With small, achievable daily tasks this book will send…

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The Rainbow Conspiracy

This engaging thriller uses the backdrop of the early days of the AID’s epidemic to present this soulful thriller. When Clive Spoke hears of…

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ocean book cover - a collage of past explorers and maps


Isolated from every other major landmass by leagues of water, Aotearoa seemed unlikely to be colonised. But it was – several times – by…

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past tense cover - a small, shadowy man walking into a sun-dappled forest


Jack Reacher is back in this highly anticipated installment of his eponymous series. After discovering his mother’s secrets in The Enemy, Jack reaches back…

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let's get lost book cover - the sun setting over a winding road


Road trips aren’t about the end destination; they’re about the many, many stops along the way. Let’s Get Lost explains all the best stops…

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