Korean Girl Band Blackpink Netflix Documentary Cover Photo

In the most literal sense, BLACKPINK is in your area – your TV, your laptop, your mobile, or wherever you stream Netflix.

Let me preface this with 1) I’ve never listened to BLACKPINK properly 2) K-pop is not my go-to genre of music 3) I know nothing about the world of K-pop.

Yet, for some reason I found myself being completely immersed into the lives of Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo – the complete powerhouses behind the hottest girl band of the year.

BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY is a Netflix documentary that shows how each member entered this crazy world, how the band formed and their rise to fame globally.

We often hear of the ‘instant’ rise of fame for artists, bands and so forth. And, although this is never really the case, for BLACKPINK – this is definitely not the case.

This documentary was particularly eye-opening for me as I never understood the process of the creation of Korean girl-groups. The film is candid in showing the blood, sweat and tears that the members had to go through prior to their ‘debut’.

BLACKPINK, managed and presented by YG Entertainment, was formed through a lengthy audition and elimination process.

The four girls went through years of training – to be perfect entertainers and performers. However, when they audition and train, the end result is never certain. Starting off with around 10 girls during the training process, and down to the perfect 4 we see before us today. I don’t know about you, but that sounds absolutely brutal.

Throughout this documentary, I felt, weirdly, proud. I felt so proud of how far these four girls have come, yet I have never even learnt their names nor relate to them in any way shape or form prior to watching this.

There are a lot of life lessons, aspirations and inspirations that you take away from watching this documentary – and that’s what makes this documentary different for me. Not often do you randomly watch a documentary on someone (or some people) you’re not a ‘fan’ of, but I am so glad that I did.

If you’ve ever wondered what the K-pop craze is all about or you’re intimidated by it, give this documentary a watch. It’s a great gateway to understanding this crazy industry – specifically K-pop.

Now, I’d be lying if I’m still a little scared of these K-pop ‘stans’ as for some reason they come across aggressively passionate about their love for their favourite bands and idols. And no, I’m not now suddenly a ‘BLINK’ (what BLACKPINK fans are referred to), but I have nothing but love for BLACKPINK and can’t wait to see what wonderful things they offer to the world over the years.