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Tales Of A Vet Nurse by Jade Pengelly

You never know who or what will walk, crawl or slither through the doors of veterinary hospitals. From emergency shifts at a posh London practice to teaching the art of care to new generations of vet nurses in New Zealand, Jade Pengelly discusses her life through the highs and heartbreak of animal care.

A Forager’s Life by Helen Lehndorf

As Taranaki’s Helen Lehndorf moves to the city, she still longs for the comfort of her childhood home. To deal with the big move, an unexpected pregnancy and her son’s diagnosis with autism, she finds solace in long walks foraging weeds and plants. 

A Forager’s Life is a  memoir about belonging, marriage and motherhood, told through the author’s lifelong passion for food and foraging recipes. 

Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton

Paris has a million meanings in a single name; heiress, party girl, problem child, model, reality star. Paris:The Memoir strips away everything we knew about the celebrity icon, tracking the evolution of celebrity culture, life-changing moments and her path to peace. The memoir tells the truth of Paris Hilton, redefining the labels attached to her name; now, an entrepreneur, survivor, activist and most importantly, a fully realised woman; daughter, sister, wife and mother. 

The Patriarchs by Angela Saini

In this bold and radical book, award-winning science journalist Angela Saini explores the roots of patriarchy in various societies across the globe, travelling to the world’s earliest known human settlements, the latest research findings in science and archaeology, and cultural and political histories. The Patriarchs is a must-read for fans of Sapiens and The Dawn Of Everything. 

In Belinda’s Kitchen by Belinda Jeffery

Australia’s favourite home cook and bestselling author of A Year of Sundays and Mix&Bake, Belinda Jeffery’s simple and fresh recipes never fail. In Belinda’s Kitchen is a beautiful book of delicious, fail-safe recipes and delightful stories of family and friendship that hold a special place in her heart. This book is just like having the cook by your side in your kitchen with her wise words of encouragement and kitchen tips and tricks.