It’s Taurus season, and you know what that means? Another Cosmic Gift Guide from us here at Fennec.

Taureans adore comfort and enjoy being around all things tranquil. They are hard-workers, who reward themselves – taking the “treat yo-self” trend to the extreme. So, don’t be scared to shower them with gifts, I mean, everyone loves gifts, but Taureans love them especially.

As we’re now at Level 3, it means that Taureans can grab their go-to takeaway order rather than cook for themselves for their birthday. Now, that’s truly the biggest gift from NZ one could ask for.

However, if you’d like to spoil your Taurean pals, you better sit tight and take note. Here are our top gift ideas the Taurus in your life, will LOVE.

Monday Haircare

Salon quality haircare for the fraction of the price? Say no more. The newest haircare product on the block is MONDAY. MONDAY formulations contain a higher quantity of functional extracts so that your hair always bounces back. Their shampoo and conditioner have up to 3x more active ingredients than those currently found in mass retail, this includes jojoba oil and ginger root extract.

Whether your Taurus pal has frizzy & dry hair, damaged & stressed hair, irritated & dry scalp or thin & lifeless hair, MONDAY has a formulation that will treat it!

Besides helping your Taurus pal by introducing them to new haircare, the bottles also just look ADORABLE. And, as a fellow Taurean, I can confirm…we’re a sucker for packaging.

Slip Eye Masks

Okay, now when I saw this, I couldn’t not include it into this gift guide. I love sleeping – I mean who doesn’t, but getting a good nights sleep at times can be stressful. As a sufferer of chronic overthinking, there are times us Taureans just toss and turn without result.

The Slip Eyemask is perfect, not to mention it’s awfully fitting Cosmic Collection! Made from 100 percent silk, so it’s better for your skin & won’t tug at the delicate parts of your eyes!

The perfect “pamper night” addition. Something about owning a sleep mask makes you feel like you have it all together. This one, is PERFECT.

The Outlier Shielded Pin Earrings


Safety pin earrings has been a trend for a while now, but I’ve never been a fan of the ones which actually look like they’re from Office Max.

The Shielded Pin Earring by The Outlier is perfect – steering away from ‘Office-Max-chic’. The resemblance of the safety pin trend is still there, though the ‘shields’ at the bottom of the earring adds an artistic and quirky flair.

Copia Ceramics

Since every person we know right now are obsessed with house plants (me included), it is only fair that we feed this obsession with a little honest gift. Copia Ceramics make the most gorgeous indoor plant pots for all your green babies.

This Cracked Egg Succulent Pot has a solid colour glaze with splashes of white detailing. Great for small cuttings and succulents! Just imagine how cute it would be on a little hallway shelf! TOO CUTE!

With three Colours to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

Deadly Ponies Compendium

Taureans are hardworkers, we’ve talked about this. Now how can we support them in achieving their ambitious goals? Let them live their most organised and put-together life yet with the Deadly Ponies Compendium! Available in A5 or A4.

The Deadly Ponies Compendium is crafted from a supple bovine-leather featuring a carry handle in addition to the full-length brass zip to keep your notebook, cards and pen safe. Perfect for work and thoughtful weekends.