It’s Virgo season ya’ll! Something you need to know about Virgos is that they’re a perfectionist – even if they don’t admit it.

They are logical, systematic and organised as heck! We all need a Virgo in our lives (or at least learn a bit or two about organisation from them). Nonetheless, they are the kindest of friends and emotionally invest in friendships and relationships without hesitation.

So if you have a Virgo in your life that you love oh so dearly, treat them to a little something special during their birthday season!

Here are a few hints and nudges to finding the best gift any Virgo would adore.

The Wolf Gang Tote

We are totally in love with this tote! The Wolf Gang’s Berber Dune Tote in Midnight Suede is the perfect “throw everything into” bag. It’s roomy, stylish, and will last you a lifetime.

We reckon totes are incredibly underrated, it’s the perfect tool in being prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Need a stain remover, a water bottle, an umbrella? Don’t worry, you’ll always have your essentials (and more) closest to you at all time.

Virgos love to be prepared – this is a no brainer, really.

Layplan Crew Neck

There’s no going wrong with a comfy crewneck sweatshirt. This one by New Zealand label, Layplan is the perfect oversized sweatshirt to go with every outfit. Dress it up with a flirty silk skirt, or pair it with your fave sweatpants for a night in.

Dyson Corrale

Is the Virgo in your life always complaining about their hair straightener? Get them this top tier hair straightener by Dyson – the Dyson Corrale. Hello flexing plates and hello enhanced styling.

What’s are flexing plates you ask? The Dyson Corrale features manganese copper alloy plates which flex around your hair to gather it, this extra control allows enhanced styling with less hair damage – it’s a win-win in our books.

Blunt x Studio Jasmine

The newest Blunt collaboration with Brisbane-based creative, Jasmine Dowling, the creative behind Studio Jasmine, is absolutely stunning. Who knew umbrellas could make such a statement!

The Blunt x Studio Jasmine umbrella is inspired by the tranquillity and optimism that comes with being immersed in nature. The hand-painted foliage design is reminiscent of nostalgic pressed flowers. In autumnal hues of peachy pink, sunflower yellow and burnt copper.

A practical and cute gift, it’s perfect!

Organisation Station

So we know Virgos are organisation queens, so why not give them some organisational tools to froth over? There’s no going wrong with a sleek desk organiser.

This one features a facial tissue dispenser at the top (to wipe away chip crumbs when you’re snacking away at your desk), along with an array of storage nooks for notebooks, journals and writing tools.

Blush Gin

Let Blush tickle your taste buds with some beautiful gins and even a cheeky vodka.

It’s always a special day when Blush is around! Just sweet enough to be beautiful, smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks and enough alcohol content to make it a proper drink.

Celebrate those worth celebrating with Blush.

18+ only, drink responsibly.