In their second collaboration together, National Flower Promotion Group (NFPG) and famous Kiwi couture fashion designer Trish Peng join forces to create a fresh perspective on traditional Maori clothing. Covering a Maori korowai/cloak in New Zealand grown lilies and completing the look with a Trish Peng classic wedding gown. NFPG and owner of Melissa Jane Flower Studio sought a contemporary Trish Peng gown to be modelled at a special shoot day held in the lead up to New Zealand Flowers Week. Peng’s ‘Hope’ gown was selected, and now a style infusion of historic with the modern, amplified by a botanical twist is the source of inspiration for the rest of the world.

Peng, who’s most recent Bloom collection has been released, celebrates the feminine beauty of flowers in her exquisitely designed and made flower-inspired wedding gowns, exhibiting a meticulous level of detail in each design. Recently, Peng made headlines for her wedding dress design that was made entirely out of flowers and only lived for three hours out of water. The dress took hours to create using 12 different types of flowers to make the dress, including carnations, hellebores, roses and chrysanthemums.