Struggling to sleep?  Keeping these plants in your room could help improve your sleep and make you more refreshed…

  1. Aloe Vera produces lots of oxygen at night, and is very low maintenance (don’t worry, we forget to water too).
  2. Jasmine has a soft, sweet fragrance and reduces anxiety, so you wake more refreshed and productive.
  3. English Ivy reduces airbourne feces and mould, so it can reduce allergies and improve health.  English Ivy is another low-maintenance plant, and grows long tendrils so looks fab hung from a basket.
  4. Research found Gardenia can reduce anxiety as much as valium, but they need lots of indirect sunlight and attention.
  5. Golden Pothos is the perfect plant for city-dwellers, it removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air, so you will breathe less toxins.