Feed Your Baby and Your Cravings

franjos kitchen cookies - container and ingredients in a flatlay

Being pregnant is hungry work. That’s why the team at Franjo’s kitchen has created a delicious, nutritious snack to satisfy those cravings and feed your growing baby all that good stuff at the same time.

Franjo’s Kitchen Ginger & Apricot Belly Bump Cookies have specially designed for expectant mothers. They contain plenty of fibre, omega 3, iron, calcium, b vitamins, zinc, and much more to help nourish that belly bump.

The ginger flavour was chosen because ginger naturally eases nausea. The cookies contain no dairy, egg, or refined sugar – so whatever special diet you’re on during your pregnancy, you can snack on these safe and sound in the knowledge you’re treating yourself and your child.

Franjo’s Kitchen was founded by Fran Woods and Jo Clark. Fran’s background is in corporate law, so she knows all about the stresses working mums-to-be face. Jo is a naturopath and nutritionist, and specifically chose each ingredient for its health benefits.

Alongside the Belly Bump cookies, the duo offer Tanker Toppers – cookies made with lots of galactagogues to increase milk supply. All their products are natural and preservative free.