Gray Label and Abel Odor Re-Launch Nurture

The organic childrenswear brand Gray Label and natural perfume house Abel Odor has relaunched Nurture. To cater to an unexpected but growing fan base, the collaborating brands shifted the visual identity of their natural perfume into a more inclusive one and added a 100ml bottle to the size range.

NURTURE: by mothers, for mothers…and others.

When Gray Label and Abel Odor came together in 2018, it was to create a fragrance celebrating the unique journey a mother takes while entering motherhood. Surprising to the creators behind the scent, NURTURE has proven a favourite not only among new and expecting mothers, but also among men and women of all ages and life stages.

“Life as a parent, caregiver or just life itself can make you forget about yourself. We created Nurture to remind you of you, at any time of the day, on every occasion,” said Gray Label founder, Emily Gray.

NURTURE; a 100 % natural perfume

Nurture was created by French perfumer Fanny Grau who selected the 100% plant-derived,
low allergen ingredients for the beauty of their scent profile, as well as their healing properties. Calming rose, energising orange blossom, ginger for its anti-nausea properties and sandalwood for grounding.

“Nurture wearers are devoted fans not just because of its therapeutic properties which transcend beyond motherhood, but also because it is a beautiful, sophisticated scent,” said Abel Odor Founder, Frances Shoemack.

Prices: $160 for 30ML Eau de Parfum, $295 for 100ML Eau de Parfum.

Available at, and select stockists worldwide.