Hands Up 4 Hospo: Let’s Help Hospo Keep the Lights On

We’ve had enough of takeaways and the scenery of our dining room. We miss dressing up, going out to a restaurant or café, and booking a trip away.

New Zealand businesses have been hit hard with the current lockdown. With retail opening tomorrow while hospitality stays closed, we can’t imagine the struggle they are going through, and we want to help!

Luckily, Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Cafe magazine have joined forces to give a helping hand by creating an online auction called Hands Up 4 Hospo.

The auction will run on TradeMe over the coming weeks, and proceeds from the auctions will go to hospitality businesses through an online application system. With an array of items donated by a cross-section of New Zealand businesses, the willingness to give has been a ray of hope in an otherwise dire situation.

There are a lot of goodies, from experiences, food, beauty to homeware, gift cards, and so much more, updated daily.

Any amount counts, and who knows, you might just score an item of your dreams or a Christmas gift for your bubble at a bargain.

Click here for the auction, and happy bidding!